Ultrasonic diffuser device, black

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About the Product
Our cordless, ultrasonic Fragrance Oil Diffuser allows you to effortlessly scent your space and uplift your mood wherever the day may take you. With the push of a button, embark on a journey through the senses with Voluspa’s globally-sourced fine fragrances. The silhouette masters the elegance of symmetry and is built to last. Anchored by a weighted matte-black metal body and styled with signature Voluspa embellishments, the design is as flawless as the experience. Create a scent combination that’s unique to you and personalize strength to your liking – add more drops of fragrance oils to amplify the ambiance or less for sensitive noses. Your fragrant companion will scent 500+ sq. ft. Punctuate your day with this olfactory soundtrack to your life.

How it Works
This home diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to atomize water and fragrance oil to release fresh fragrance without heat, maintaining the integrity of the fragrance oil. Designed with simplicity in mind, the one-button operation ups the ambiance for 3+ hours, and the automatic safety shut-off allows you to relax and enjoy. The diffuser is cordless, rechargeable, and portable, allowing your favorite fragrances to move freely with you. Includes charging cable.

Product Details:

More Drops = Stronger Fragrance
Portable & Cordless
Automatic Shutoff after 3 hours of use
Up to 4.5 hours of cordless use
Includes two best-selling fragrance oil samples

How to use:

STEP 1: Charge your device! Plug it in and wait for the red light to turn green, indicating charging is complete. Eager to use it? Your device can still be used while charging. Please allow 5 minutes of intial charging before turning the device on.
STEP 2: Ensure that device is placed on an even surface.
STEP 3: Remove the cover by turning it counter-clockwise. Use a measuring cup to fill the water tank with cold or room temperature water. *Note: Fill water to the MAX line with every use.
STEP 4: Drop 5-10 drops of fragrance oil or essential oil into the water.
STEP 5: Place cover back onto the unit until it “clicks” into position.
STEP 6: Press the power button to activate the device. A light from inside the water tank will illuminate as the steam begins to flow, diffusing your favorite fragrance

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